Two nights in Cinque Terre

On April, me and my sister spent two nights in Cinque Terre. It was beggining of spring time so the weather was still a bit cold!

We got there after lunch and the first thing we did was to buy the “Cinque Terre Card – Treno” which is a 24 or 48 hours card, that allows you to use all the trains and shuttles between Levanto, Cinque Terre and La Spezia + entrance of all trekking paths, for only 16€ (24 hours) and 29€ (24 hours).

We stayed at Grand Hostel Manin, at La Spezia, because for us it had the best price, localization and also had small breakfast included. All the rooms and bathrooms were clean and good service, so I really recommend it!

At the hostel they told it was better to start our trip from the last comune – Monterosso al Mare and work our way back until La Spezia (20-30 min. by train). From the hostel to the train station it’s only 15 min. walking, so super chill.

→Arriving at the station, I recommend you to take one of the papers with all the trains time table, because sometimes one might stop for too long or have too many stops. Good to keep an eye on it before hand!

We arrived in Monterosso, tried to make the trekking until Vernazza (+/- 2 hours climbing). Since we were not with the right outfit nor even shoes for that heavy path, after 30 minutes of pure 90º degrees steps, we gave up and took the train (2 min.)

After the embarassment of giving up in Monterosso, from Vernazza to Corniglia would be another 1 and a half hours climbing, instead we though on taking the boat but since on that day the sea was unstable, all the tours were shut down. So yet again, we took the train (3 min.).

The routes between Corniglia – Manarola – Riomaggiore we did really fast since we were taking the trains and because on my opinion, all the cities look the same so after a while it can get a bit boring.

Last stop was Riomaggiore and I can say it was my favorite! It was already end of the day, almost time for the sunset which is my favorite part of any day, so luckily we found this amazing spot to sit back and relax on this small restaurant on top of a little mountain, where we stayed for hours just amazed by the view and being grateful for this amazing experience ♥.

I made a promise to myself now, that I’ll go back to Cinque Terre but this time with the proper shoes and clothing and do the trekking that connects them all!


Baci baci smallpinkheart


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