A few hours in NYC…

As the majority of you don’t know, on the last couple of weeks I was in Brazil, more precisely in Campinas-SP, visiting my family and friends ♥. On the way back to Italy, I had a connection flight in NYC of twelve, that’s right, TWELVE hours, so obviously I wouldn’t miss the opportunity of touring around this amazing city!

My flight from Brazil, arrived in NY at 7 am, on the friday (19th), so I dropped my lugages in the airport locker, and got the AirTrain til Jamaica Station.

Since I wanted to go to Times Square first, when I got in Jamaica Station, two american girls told me it would be better if I went to Penn station, then I could go walking towards Times Square, or take the uptown subway!

I still had a super heavy backpack with me, so I chose the subway (Times Sq. – 42 St. Station). I got at Times Square around 9:30, and since I really wanted to try a Mc Donald’s breakfast, that’s what I did, and I hated it! Hahaha. After the disappointment, I kept just walking around until 11 ish, when I took another subway to the famous Central Park (59 St. Columbus Circle).

Before heading inside the Central Park, I kept talking for a long time with this boy I asked informations to. Which then, meant I had much less time to walk around it.

So, because of the Madagascar movie, I decided I’d walk to the Zoo and after that, since I was super tired, I would get back to the airport. But obviously, as I’m the most lost person in the whole wide world, I ended up walking for another two hours around the 5th Avenue, and everyone I asked for help, weren’t helpful at all!

When I finally got back to the airport, was almost my flight departure time and I got pretty lucky, because I sat beside this really really nice american boy, which made the time pass much faster!

Baci baci smallpinkheart

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