I’ve decided to become an Au Pair, so what now?

Well, the first step was already taken, which is deciding to become an Au Pair!

The second step is to decide which country you would like to go to, then check if you fulfill all their requirements.

Since I’m an Au Pair in Italy, this is the country I’ll be giving you the infos about on this post. But, if you feel like Au Pairing in any other country, I really recommend this website because it has all the details and information about your chosen host country!

♥ Requirements for Au Pairing in Italy ♥

  1. Be from 18 to 30 years old.
  2. Not be an European citizen (otherwise the requirements  will be different).
  3. Have basic knowledge of the Italian language (although not every family might care, like in my case).
  4. Be single and not have any children.
  5. Being able to afford all your travel expenses (flight ticket + health insurance + visa if necessary).

So, if you think you fulfill all of these requirements above, we can go to the second part of the process, which is finding your host family, and that will be the subject of the next post!

Baci baci smallpinkheart

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