How did I end up in Italy?

Since I moved to Italy, everyone’s asking me how I got here and why. So, I’ve decided to create this blog to try and explain how was my process,  and also to clarify lots of questions people might have (as I had myself!).

Well, it all started because I was going thru a really difficult fase of my personal life… Basically I was not being myself anymore. All I wanted was to literally leave everything behind and go away, as soon as possible! So that’s when being and AuPair in Italy came across my mind.

Since my sister was already an AuPair in Italy, I’ve decided that this would be (and was) the easiest and fastest way to go away and rediscover myself.

My biggest advice to everyone who’s in doubt if it is really worthy to leave our comfort zone and go live this crazy adventure is: yes, just do it! It was the best decision I could’ve possibly done in my entire life!

Now that you all know how I ended up here, on the next posts I’ll tell more about how was my process to find a family and why and how I could stay longer here, since there’s no specific AuPair visa for Brazilians!


Baci baci  smallpinkheart

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